Standard Scout Pack

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We all know that any adventurer's primary gear collection has to include a well-fitting, hard-wearing and good-looking adventure pack. The same goes for our adventure hounds. Introducing the SouthHound flagship Scout Pack.

The Scout Pack is a two compartment saddle harness ,with adjustable strapping and a sturdy grip handle, that is perfect for your next day adventure together. Now your adventure hound can carry its own water, snacks, poo-bags etc.

Made proudly in Cape Town to be hard-wearing and easy to clean.

The pack comes in two sizes:

  • Standard (medium/large dogs): The pack runs 29cm along your hound's back and each saddle runs 21cm wide.
  • Small (medium/small dogs): The pack runs 24cm along your hound's back and each saddle runs 19cm wide.
  • 6 Colours available.

Always consult your vet to confirm that your hound is fit to carry a pack. See our FAQs for tips on introducing your hound to your new scout pack.

Shipping Cape Town South Africa International

10 Standard Grey available.

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